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How Email Evolved, and Then for Decades Went No Where

My first email address was a UNR community email address accessed via Pine (a text-based email client via Telnet) and a 2400 baud (or bit/s) modem. Pine email allowed me to communicate with friends and classmates in different schools and catch up with family m...


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Browse Scott’s latest portfolio entries to view his latest work which includes but is not limited to User Experience/Interface Work, Web Design, Front-End Development, and Email Design/Development.

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Scott’s Specialties

UI & UX Design

Devoted to creating the best experience by focusing on the end-user first. Scott designs and develops websites that are intuitive, easy-to-use, scale appropriately, and provides users a pleasant, clean, and uncomplicated experience.

Web & Digital Design

Scott’s designs are not only highly-polished, but they also look great on multiple device platforms and mediums. With ten plus years designing as a professional (twenty years in web design), Scott’s designs are tried and true through simplicity but are highly visually attractive.

Front-End Development

Making things work through simplicity. Scott codes by hand with the latest web technologies at his disposal to make your website work smoothly and efficiently on multiple device platforms.

WordPress Development

Scott builds powerful and beautiful WordPress websites that are easy to maintain, reliable, and easy to use. Scott builds custom WordPress themes to support most projects. This optimizes speed, is easier to maintain, and reduces the need to utilize on 3rd party plugins.